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I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would take and reblog my senior project. I need this so I can graduate college, so please consider taking it.

It can be found here.

If after taking it, and you are interested in what I find once I run the data, you can contact me at the end of May to find out.

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and here it is.

my 24 hour comic

took 22 hours. and then a little longer for some edits but. I’ve still got another hour till my 24 is officially up, and I’m definitely gonna be snoozing.

For having no planning except a selkie design and a rough concept of the girl, I think I did alright. I definitely pushed my self to try new things and, I’m happy about that. there are some things I’d like to tweak but… NOPE! IM DONE!

I also learned how much I can get done when I don’t distract myself so much. have to figure out how to rein that in haha.

also, if you’re curious about the title! fun fact time thanks to wikipedia (so it may or may not be true)

Selkies (also known as silkies or selchies) are mythological creatures found in FaroeseIcelandic,[1] Irish,[2] and Scottish folklore. The word derives from earlier Scots selich, (from Old English seolh meaning seal)

okay. sleep time. 


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Conservatives seem to confuse the terms regulate and ban.

Liberals seem to confuse the term “shall not be infringed”. 

But not really. What are liberals trying to infringe upon? Your right to maliciously murder with automatic weapons of war? See, that infringes on *my* right to not be shot up like fucking Swiss cheese.